Company Overview

BM Intelligence Group ("bmi Group")

BM Intelligence Group ("bmi Group") was founded in 1995 .It  expanded its professional teams of appraisals, foundation, financial secretary and store register rapidly in 2001; organized the bmi Group and provided the one-top professional services of finance and economics.
The Group's head office is located in Hong Kong with branch offices in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, Quanzhou, Xiamen, Tianjin and Guangzhou. It engages in a wide variety of professional services include pre-IPO consultancy, corporate finance, corporate services, professional translation, asset valuations, real estate & agency, financial & corporate communications, event management, strategic marketing, funds & wealth management, information technology as well as China business. At the same time we will untied the affiliated company and close cooperation partners to offer the Chinese and Oversea standards attestation services of appraisal, audits and taxation.
As a famous financial services supplier, we gather the team with professional experiences and the powerful internet resources to offer best services for our clients.

BM Intelligence Shenzhen limited

BM Intelligence Shenzhen limited is the wholly owned sub company of bmi Group in which charge of  Chinese business. We base on China, depends on the international background of our Group and the powerful professional teams and business network, we offer the one-stop financial professional services which including company secretary; financial and management consultancy; taxation arrangement  and management consultancy; investment and leading consultancy(seeking financing by listing on the stock market, private equity, Mergers and Acquisitions) and translation service. Since the establishment of our company, we have procure about 10 domestic and oversea company to accomplish the capital integrated and mergers; help over 30 company listing and financing on oversea markets; offer the one-stop services for the oversea clients to invest in Chinese main land and also offer the one-stop service for hundreds of domestic company to make the investment in oversea countries. We synthetically analyze the factors of area and lines of business to offer our clients the best projects and help them to make their development target come true.

Group Structure

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