IPO Consultancy

On the process of corporate financing and investing, we play the role of professional manager who would like to have frank communications, go through thick and thin together with our clients.

“Professional services, Conveying values”

Financial consultancy

Depending on many years’ financing experiences, we established the close cooperation relationships with numerous large and medium-size venture capital investment funds and financing organization. In coordinate with the development strategy of our company and promote accomplishing the financial subject, we take part in the financial feasibility analyzing, look for the most suitable cooperate partners, organize the excellent and professional financial team, draw up the financial scheme ( subject, mode and place etc…)

Direct list & Indirect list
          Oversea list
             * Hong Kong
             * Singapore
             * America
             * Other Financing Markets
    Domestic list
         *  Main-Board Market
         *  Exchange Traded Found (ETF)
         *  Growth Enterprises Market (GEM)
         *  Stock Transfer System
Private Equity
Help corporate draw up the private placement project, compile the business plan, select cooperation partner and invest organization, put the project into practice.

Other Financing Services ( Bank Credit, Governmental Founds etc. )

Investment consultancy

Offer the services of investment environment estimated, project selected, feasibility study, project examined , value evaluated, cooperation partners chosen, strategy designed, investment organized etc… to the oversea or domestic investor who have the intention of industrial investment and stock investment.


For those firms with the inclination to restructure their assets or merge some others’ , we would help look for or select merging targets, take part in projects review and assets evaluation, project planning and business negotiation, propel the implementation of plans, realize the desired value of restructure and merger.

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