Tax consulting services

With diverse finance and economics services, we could provide you professional, international tax affairs consultant and planning services; objective in long term and constant development for the purpose to be your most trust-worthy partner

“Forward-looking, cautious and realistic.”

 Company tax affairs consultant

  • Rate paying coaching
  • Rate paying coaching
  • Tax affairs consulting
  • Revenue risk control
  • Utilization of favorable policy concerning on tax
  • Other consultant services relate on tax

Company tax affairs planning

  • Planning of income tax and turnover tax
  • Planning of tax relevant about significant operational decision
  • Planning of specific tax relevant matters like depreciated and abandoned assets
  • Planning of tax affairs about setting up a home or aboard company
  • Related Transactions and assignment pricing
  • International trade and tariff

Specific tax affairs consultant

  • Approve by innovative and high technology enterprises
  • Approve by software companies and products
  • Specific consultant of oversea expense paying

Individual tax affairs consultant

  • Home or aboard individual income tax consultant
  • Individual tax affairs risk control
  • Individual tax optimize arrangement
  • Tax-paying presentation agency
  • Individual tax affairs planning and its realization
  • Other individual tax affairs consult service

Tax affairs inspection and verification services.(Close partnership unification.)

  • Annual tax affairs audit
  • Clear tax affairs audit
  • Investigation fulfillment of tax affairs on merger
  • Other specific tax affairs audit
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