Company consultant service

As our company is china oriented with international background, we can serve as your commercial think tank with first class service.

“Develop closely with your pace”

 Decision-making assistant

  • Market research before investment and financing
  • Feasibility analysis of investment and financing
  • Secretary services for listed company

 Financial consultant

The secretarial consultant of BM INTELLIGENCE has realized that each service should be structured specifically. While establishing a local, national or international company, we should take all maters into account. In case of meeting our customers’ request, our corporate secretarial service includes

  • Consulting and coaching of choosing type and practice of ERP
  • Perfection, consulting and coaching system of internal finance control
  • Design, perfection and coaching of estimator system
  • The perfection, consultant and coaching of   financial report analyze system
  • Internal audit and investigation on fiscal operations
  • Assessment and verify performance of department or management layer
  • Projects consultant of cost control and pricing
  • Management of previous accounts
  • Financial support for medium and long term decision,periodical finance patrol, providing financial information and expertise advice.

Consultant of custom practice

  • Coaching of contract filing and alteration
  • Margin re-check service of daily bonded material
  • Coaching of balance check of bonded material stock
  • Risk diagnosis of Custom practice; coaching and preparation of custom accounts

Consultant of administration

  • Strategic planning
  • Skeleton design
  • Coaching of establishment and practice of internal control mechanism
  • Decision support of operating activities like investment and financing
  • Performance appraisal and human resource planning
  • Examination and verification the annual operation report
  • Resolving troubles of daily routines
  • Notification of the latest policies and regulations
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