Financial consultancy

The principle ways for corporate to acquire capital are: capital invested by stockholder; bank lending; seeking financing by listing on the stock market; absorbing venture capital and strategic investment; applying for the national specialized founds and so on. Aggregating the resource advantages, we take the principle of clients oriented and considerate the details of corporate to make the most suitable plan of capital operation, offer the professional analysis and suggestions; help the growing corporate to find the possible founds resource and be the partner or financing consultant of them; be the assistant of the corporate to accomplished the design and implement of the relative capital operation programmed.

Our Mission

Be the best Mastermind alliance of our clients. Work together to help the clients out and maximize their benefits. Share the sorrow and happiness with our clients.
Share the specialized platform.  Advocate to share the specialized platforms with all the departments of our group and also our cooperation partners, work together to offer the one-top and overall service for our clients.
Train for the team of high-quality professionals. Create the best work environment and absorb the talents. The management regard every staff as cooperation partner and share the company platform with them, help them to design and achieve the personal development project.

Working Process     

      keep abreast of the corporate financing purpose, plan or scheme
      keep abreast of the basic management forms and financial conditions of the corporate
      Sign the service consulting agreement
      Carry out due-diligence investigation
      Judge the feasibility of financing plan or project according to the latest situation of capital market
      Put forward the reasonable suggestions of financing plan or project according to the company  
          management strategy and target
      Help perfecting the financial plan or project
      Help implementing the financial project


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