Investment Consultancy

Take overseas company invest in China for example

Because of the differences of social and cultural environment, company backgrounds, law environment and so on, oversea investor will employ the professional consultancy group to help accomplish the due diligence investigation and put investment project into practice while investing in China. Thus the investor can catch the first strike to complete the investment subject and void the investment risk.                              

Business Process & Service contents

  • Strategic planning
    Determine the investment objective, draw up the investment program,  work out the investment procedures
  • Preliminary investigation of the target company
    Look for target company, analysis them and due diligence investigation ( such as business network, capital value) of them
  • Draw up the preliminary investment project
    According to the advantages and demands of investors, complete the basic requirements of intended cooperation and primary cooperation
  • Analyze the feasibility of the investment project
    Examine the cooperation motivation, cooperation requirements, law risk, biz business, financial issue and required law procedure etc…  we will also considerate about arranging the overall evaluation of the business network ,capital value and finance auditing.
  • Make out the investment project
    Make the important assets such as cooperate requirements, investments modes, management and law structure clearly, arrange the further investigation and discussion, and then make out the investment project.
  • Negotiation
    Acquire the skill of investment negotiation and public socializing, complete the cooperation clauses which good for the corporate
  • Sign up the contract
    Sign up the cooperation agreement, pay close attention to the detailed clauses such as the investment payment, team management, profit and loss share, confidentiality agreement etc.
  • Put the investment project into practice
    According to the investment project and cooperation agreement to arrange someone follow up the project. The actualize process including material preparation, government department’s application and approval, invested assets’ put in and assigned, intermediary’s examination etc.
  • The combine and develop of joint venture
    After investment, we should complete the events such as strategic agreement, cultural blending, institutional integration, organizational reform, assignment of personnel and management integration etc. These events will be more effective if fulfill them with the company internal management system.
  • The joint venture’s future management and tax planning
    Specific ate the future management operation system, promote the company administration ability, enhance the controlling degree of stockholders and the management and the efficiency of the staffs, lower the risk of company law, make the tax cost within the acceptable scope etc.
  • Other routings
    Annual examination and internal audit etc. 
  • Generally speaking, while investing, once the management make sure the investment object, the corporate should lower the invest risk by arranging the “due diligent investigation”, having a thorough study of the target company, analyzing the feasibility of the investment project, evaluating the possible problems might be come across during the process of investing.

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