Restructuring and Merger

Enterprises conduct restructuring and merger based on the consideration of managing strategy. Measures which make on asset, stock and debt, such as  acquisition, selling, spin-off, integration, replacement are reflected in debt restructuring, acquisition and integration, bankruptcy and clearing,transfer of property or stock rights, sales of asset or creditor's rights, restructuring of enterprise and share holding systemize and so on.Our company take advantage of various customer resources, extensive partnership with professional institutes and the professional restructuring and merger group to help our customer restructuring and merger.

Take acquisition and integration from a listed company as example                     

Business flow

  • Researching the acquired assets, items and companies; Analyzing the condition of assets, business models and business status, etc.
  • Drafting the program of merger and acquisition.
  • Establishing the team of merger and acquisition, including sponsor, lawyer, accountant and coordinating staff, etc.
  • Deciding the patterns of acquired assets, items and companies for public companies
  • Deciding the program of merger and acquisition
  • Prudent investigation on financial and legal information, judging whether selected information can pass the review by account and lawyer, improving and sorting incomplete events
  • Cooperating investigation and audit of intermediary agencies
  • Acquired business and the 3 years per period’s financial data audits
  • Audit the listed company’s financial data, make and disclosure the “ prepared financial data”
  • Announcement, stockholder decision, send the application to the stock exchange etc.
  • Arrange the issue of added IPO and other Acquisition issue


  • During the process of re-organize, the professional technology is very complicated, so in order to accomplish our object, we need the help of professional organization
  • The project will be confirmed only by the cooperation of the company secretaries, financial consultants, sponsors and investors. Filling the financial and law materials according to the project , then arrange the intermediaries such as accountant, lawyer and appraiser to do the examination.                                              

Service Contents

  • To help clients confirm buying goal or introducing strategic investor
  • To assist clients plan or revise, reconstruct or buying project, including transaction strategy and timing
  • Analyzing listed companies
  • Investigating possibility of buying and acquiring
  • Advising on choice of professional organizations, such as lawyer, accountant, appraiser and etc., promoting and assisting their work
  • Consultancy on financing, management on process of transaction
  • Identification services such as audit, evaluation etc. of acquiring and acquired enterprises
  • Help clients coordinating transaction audit by right parties such as regulatory authorities and administrative department, board of directors and shareholders meetings
  • Coordinating stock operations, for instance, purchasing and merger
  • Secretary services of listed company                                  
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